Accountable thinking.

I ran across this quote, "Thinking well is wise; planning well, wiser; doing well is the wisest and best of all." 

It goes hand in hand with accountability, one of my basic tenants of leadership.  

Have you ever thought about holding your thoughts accountable?

You can and should!

Our outlook, our mood, our lives and every relationship are all affected by our thoughts. 

What do you think about?

In your spare time - between tasks or while doing house chores... 

Are your thoughts positive or constructive or negative and destructive? 

How often have you told yourself, "I am happy to be alive and grateful for all that I have?"

Our thoughts have an important force over our mood. 

How often have we allowed our thoughts to cause us to feel sad, angry or resentful?

Our thoughts are what fuel our mind and our emotions.

They allow us for better or worse, to be either UP or Down.

The great thing is that we can force ourselves to be MORE positive.

Next time "think" more "positive" thoughts when a negative thought sets in.

Send in reinforcements and overpower it with positive ones. 

Four things will quickly happen…

You’ll feel like smiling more,

You'll actually feel happier,

You'll have a sense that you are more fulfilled..

And you will have more self confidence.

The best part is that you'll find people being drawn to you.

People like to be around other people who are positive!

Its all about thinking uplifting and positive thoughts.

Think about the loved ones, the pets, places and things that bring a smile to you.

Think about how grateful you are to have each of those in your life!

Live - Love - Grow!

You possess everything you need to feel and be more positive!

Make it a great dia and a great weekend!  

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