A Babe Ruth feeling...

Have you ever felt as if every time at bat, you couldn't miss?

That you were doing a "Babe Ruth" and hitting a homerun each time at bat?

Lately I feel as I have hit several!

I feel incredibly fortunate.  

Blessed to have the opportunity to give back.

To be given more opportunities to make a difference.

Which leads me to discover that the more I do this, the more there is in LIFE to celebrate and be grateful for.

I recently began a new career with an American iconic company.

A company with a rich history and tradition that spans over 82 years.

So I've began writing the latest chapter of another rewarding experience.

I am returning to what I do best, which is to help people develop and grow.

Where my years of leading and managing can once again be used to coach, to mentor and champion a large group of very talented professionals.

Here's to your "Babe Ruth" day.

Make it a great dia!

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