A child and your pets do this well.

If you ever need a lesson in "living in the moment" observe a child or your pet for a few moments.

They truly "live" in and for the moment.

I love to watch them... and I am always amazed at how easily children and pets do this.

They don't think about yesterday nor are they troubled by their tomorrows.

They take one moment at a time.

Enjoying every second as it comes.

We can learn alot from a child or pets... your dog or cat.

For them each moment is "alive" and somehow insulated from all the other moments.

Try setting aside all thoughts of yesterday and your tomorrows.

Give up worries and your stresses - if just for one moment.

Embrace this very moment as its own. 

Quit waiting on the perfect moment.

Can you think of something that you've been wanting to do?

Something special if you had more time or more money?

Find a way to do it!

At least try to get moving towards it now. 

Too often we postpone them, realizing too late that the perfect time will never get here.

So quit waiting.

Make it a great dia and an even better week! 

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