Day two.

Day two of this new year!

One that is offering us a warm Bienvenido! (welcome).

2012 is laying hundreds of new pathways and side roads at our feet.

Who cares if many will seem unchartered.

We don't have to take the highways anymore.

It's our break out year!

Our year to be fearless.

To have supreme confidence in our abilities.

And remember that all of our destinations are reachable destinations.

Even Mt. Everest can be climbed.

It's time to push our limits.

To think, and live at 212 degrees!

So do you and me a favor and throw away that old compass.

We can't keep going the same route, expecting to reach a different place.

It's time to use a more positive compass.

Time to try out the new "can do" navigational skills we perfected in 2011..

We have to rely on our internal clues.

Accepting those gentle nudges that we have ignored in the past.

The same ones that tried to give us some insight as to what we needed

to do next.

But for whatever reasons we feared, doubted and ignored.

They tried for the past year to lead us onto a rewarding journey.

Thank Goodness, 2012 is finally here!

Breathe, take it all in and get moving.

We have been given another day to set our sights on what matters.

There lies in the hearts of all of us, a better man or woman.

Success, happiness, new found love, _______  isn't a figment

of our imagination.

It's not some isolated destination..  or on a difficult to get to, off road,

hidden and seldom traveled path.

Let's get going.. 2012 is finally here!

Make it a gran día!

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