Exercise in GRATITUDE.

It's going to be a beautiful Wednesday!

Some days we have to stop and quit taking for granted all of the positive and good things we enjoy in our lives.

To be able to appreciate life more fully we need gratitude to help us put things in their proper perspective.

Not just when things don’t go your way.

There are lessons in all of our experiences.

I've found that even the very difficult ones carry within it the seeds of an equal or greater benefit.

In the face of adversity I tend to reflect and ask myself, “What am I supposed to be learning from this experience?"

"What is positive about this?”

“How can I benefit from this?”

A few years ago I read about a simple exercise to create GRATITUDE thinking.

You begin by imagining that  you no longer have some of the things that you have started to take for granted.

Your spouse, a Mother in law, your teenager, or kids, your home, maybe even your ability to see or ability to walk, or just about anyone and anything that brings you joy or comfort.

What a sad and devastating thought don't you think?

Next you begin to visualize having each one of these very things you lost all being returned to you.

Take a moment for each and tey and imagine each one of them.

Consider how grateful you would feel for each and every one now back in your life.

Life after all is about finding joy in the small things and the experiences we are given.

Too often we get moving so fast or things are going so well that we quit being grateful.

Yet if we don't allow ourselves to feel grateful for the smaller things in life, how will we ever be able to feel grateful when our bigger achievements?

Maybe you or a loved one graduating from college, finding the perfect job, getting a promotion, finally having a bigger emergency fund, or getting married, or having your first child come?


Make it a great dia!

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