Lessons at the check-out counter.

I was standing in the grocery line yesterday evening.

There was an express lane - no self check but an express lane for customers paying in cash and with no more than twelve items.

Why twelve items ,who knows.

So there I stood - with a small basket of nine items in hand. I kept nonchalant count over the five people's baskets in front me to pass the time.

Out of the five customers ahead of me, one… a tall woman stepped up and put her nineteen items on the counter.


Not twelve not eleven…


I had to smile… maybe she couldn't read?

Maybe she couldn't count?

But I stood back and waited for the fireworks.

It wasn't long before when the woman right behind her complained loudly,"Dios mio! Porque hay tanta gente tan idiota!"

She exclaimed loudly, "Dear God, why are there so many idiots!"

Everyone around heard her and many others within earshot giggled.

A few others even laughed out loud, but not the tiny clerk.

She kept her professionalism and her poise. 

But then again she was also a good foot smaller than the tall, red haired, rotund customer.

The check out lady just gave a sigh and went on checking her out... all a long ignoring the chuckles that surrounded her.

The tall red haired lady with the 19 items seemed suddenly a foot smaller.

So she paid her bill and hurried  - no actually ran out the door. 

The lady who had yelled out the insult was still fuming and complaining to no one in particular around her.

Her face was now deep red and her veins in her neck were popped out.

She went on for what seemed forever -  her moment of irritation and frustration was now annoying the rest of us.

Everyone that is except the tall lady with the "illegal" bounty of nineteen items.

I am sure her aggravation had raised her blood pressure.

A child around eight years of age kept tugging at her sweater and saying,

"It's ok Abuelita, she is gone."

He kept looking at all of us and shrugged his little shoulders.

I have never been one to be quick to anger - and my patience and ability to handle frustrating situations, have a higher threshold.

I basically don't give or allow anyone the power to alter my positive spirit.

Our thoughts are very powerful.

Our thoughts can either fuel our emotions with positive or negative energy.

There are many teaching moments in life and even comic relief at your local neighborhood grocery counter.

Make it a great dia! 

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