Show you're GRATEFUL.

G.B. Stern said it best, "Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone."

I’ll always remember thanking one of my privates (we were out on maneuvers in the bitter cold of winter) as he was on night guard.

I couldn't sleep and although I love cold weather the temperatures were 20 below.

I walked up to him and engaged him in an informal conversation.

We talked about where he was from and his family.

I also asked him about his thoughts on his duties and Army life in general.

About twenty minutes later as I got ready to leave I patted him on the back and thanked him for keeping his fellow soldiers and I safe.

I shook his hand and thanked him for being a soldier.

This tower of a Kentucky man got a little choked up and then said, “I’ve been in the Army over a year, it's hard work, but I love my country and I have made some great friends… but you are the first person to thank me."

How many people like this young soldier do you work with and exist in your organization?

How many do a great job and are under appreciated?

I blog about being more grateful in our hearts and minds.

But it is just as important to show gratitude in our actions. 

Look around and notice what you are grateful for and then express it.

Stop someone in the hallway, call someone, reach out or write an e-mail.

Remember that gratitude bridges what is valued and what is given. 

It is through connecting intentionally with all that we appreciate that sharpens our focus and brings more of what is valued into our lives, into our relationships and into our organizations.

Make it a day where you will intentionally give thanks.

Make it a great dia for everyone!

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