Someone - somewhere...

One is happiest when they find their passion and their purpose.

My Viejita always bragged that her earthly inheritance was never having met a stranger. 

She was a very kind and generous woman and everyone seemed to gravitate towards her.

A gifted woman without any education she was always sought after for her sincerity. 

She always used a gentle heartfelt approach to her counseling.

I have to thank her for giving me a gentle heart and an ability for broader empathy.

I have also been fortunate to have her gift of listening and of leading.

Somehow my life has always blessed me with numerous servant leadership opportunities.

Whether it was volunteering with newly arriving immigrants and helping them pass their citizenship exams at Project Hope.

Counseling and intervening on behalf of hard core youth gang members at Church St. Academy.

Bringing medical services to marginalized indigenous people throughout Mexico through my NGO. 

Even years later in the military or at the office; there have always been plenty of ways, that I have been able to serve others.

I've been blessed to be able to find my purpose much easier to quantify.

We all can find "our" purpose, if we look for even the smallest of opportunities around us.

We don't have to look far - I believe that one can find their purpose, by the effect we have on others.

If you are feeling a void - start by looking for opportunities to help those around you, a colleague, your neighbor, your local nursing home, tutor or mentor a kid.

We often sell LIFE short... we begin thinking that our careers and social life take preeminence.

Then we end up feeling unsatisfied and not totally fulfilled. 

Remember you don't have to look far to fill that void. 

There is a greater purpose waiting for you!

Someone - somewhere needs you.

What are you waiting on?

Make their dia!

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