Your inner voice.

They say we all have an inner voice.

I believe that we must all heed that voice.

I've found that our spirit tends to always speak the truth.

We might at times feel incomplete or less whole.

Maybe our career successes ring hollow without the loving partner to share our success with.

Could it be we've forgotten to be more generous?

We have a deep longing to acquire that special friendship to nourish our life.

Our compulsive desire to have a more fit and fabulous body doesn’t mask the underlying anxiety and depression we're feeling.

Or are you called to travel to third world country to help save a life yet we somehow lack of desire to be loving and kind to our own families here at home.

At the very essence of who we are and our need to be fully engaged, and stimulated we take the easy road out and complain of boredom.

So why is it that we  can never be satisfied?


Maybe we haven't reached our full potential because we need to learn to walk within.

Until we recognize our inability to sit with who we really are to others..

To introspectively see what behavior needs changing.. 

To fully engage others and be engaging as well.

We must be committed to diligently work at changing our self-limiting behaviors and begin to resolve any key issues.

Otherwise we are setting artificial restrictions to our lives and our well being.

Begin listening to your spirit that may be desperately trying to communicate with you..

Because until you do, you may never feel the deep personal and or professional fulfillment you deserve.

Everyone deserves to be happier, more content and fulfilled.

I encourage you to begin actively seeking your inner truth.

Make it a great dia and an even better Friday!

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