A compass in hand.

This past week was another tragic week for Mexico.

We turn on the news or open up the latest edition of any newspaper across our once secure, friendly and welcoming country we once called Mexico.

Who's only certainty is another day for an extortion, kidnapping or funeral. 

Sadly we only watch TV or read the newspaper just to make sure our loved ones have lived to survive another day.

Hoping that yesterdays tragic events have not touched another one of our loved ones, our friends or neighbors. 

Viktor Frankl wrote about how we must "hold" all humans even those who contribute to violence, fear and anger.

Because fundamentally everyone is seeking meaning and purpose.

At our core we all have a need both biologically and spiritually to be loved.

Somehow these cartels didn't get the message.

They continue to tear at the very fiber of our essence as human beings.

I understand that we all have a varying degree of childhood experiences - some good and others not as good.

I understand that we are born with different capacities both mental and physiological.

Yet we all are born with an innate ability to care.

God given abilities that are amplified in one direction or the other by the experiences we were born to.

No one can undo the past or our sorrows.

But together we have a collaborative ideal as a family, community, a city and a country to work for change and move forward.

It is vital for Mexico as a people - to invest in our highest potential.

We must widen our circles of concern as a community.

History tells us that if people are not embraced by conditions that support their best interest or encouraged to achieve their highest potential, they are vulnerable to "drift away."

The on going fear, resentment and anger, ever present in Cd. Juarez and many cities across Mexico, has created a tempest like wind.

One that is unyielding and tears against everyone’s true nature, their best potential and purpose in life.

If we are ever regain our beloved country we must begin to act as one.

I believe that it begins immediately with securing our country.

Safe guarding our children.

Improving our educational opportunities.

Creating employment.

Working together with passion towards building the best Mexico we know how.

Our government and its leadership must begin to shift the prevailing trajectory of the violence, fear and desperation.

Together we hold the compass that can still direct us to a safe harbor.

A harbor within sight, though distant but one of hope and change and a brighter day.  

Hoping that all those lives that have been extinguished will not have lived in vain.

In due time their lessons will lead the way and open other doors.

Their voices now silent, will show us what we need to do.

How to best invest in the highest potential in our fellow man, our precious youth.

In the communities they left behind.

Moreover, how best to widen our circles of concern.

We can each make a difference.

Today I thank the journalist, for it is through their blood that history is being allowed to seep out for others to know and understand.

I thank the incorruptible man and women on the street - the very core of our society.

I also thank the honest crime fighters, who put their lives on the line every moment of the day - many for less than $18.00 of a salary per day.

I thank those dedicated men in Military attire, proud and patriotic, we know that there are thousands of you that want to see a different Mexico. 

I thank God, for giving us a new day and that our loved lived got to see it as well.

I pray and hope that our President leverages this new day and seizes its new opportunity to dismantle, imprison and eliminates each one of those cartels.

We have the compass in our hands.

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