Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy New Years!

Yes, today is the day, it is Chinese New Years and the year of the rabbit!

It's also the beginning of the new lunar year.

People born in the years 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, or 1999 are fundamental in nature and strength and drawn from the moon. 

They say that people born in any of these year are very fortunate! 

They are soft spoken rabbits who find happiness and contentment easily.

Rabbits also tend to be gracious and have excellent table manners. 

There is no great inner struggle in their heart.

They believe in their own judgment and ability to survive. 

Rabbits however; need trust and tenderness in a relationship.

Like the rabbit they hop over obstacles easily, and always land on their feet!

The rabbit's soft, vulnerable looking exterior is protected by an armor of cautiousness.

Rabbits are very lucky in business and combined with their excellent bargaining wisdom tend to go far.

They however; find it hard to work under pressure.

But they are the peace makers and make good scholars.

They may look easy going, but they are actually quite cunning!

Being a strong willed person, they go quietly, yet determinedly towards their goals. 

Rabbits are considerate, understanding, warm, friendly, and easy to be with.

They also know how to relax!

The Chinese mark today with spendid parades and parties. 

They also have a long list of traditions intended to bring good fortune in the months ahead.

So if you could use a little luck in 2011 - the year of the Rabbit here are some customs to enjoy:

Sweep for success - clean your house or apt. from top to bottom to expel the dust and the disappointments of 2010 and usher in a bright new year.

Make sure you decorate with new plants which are symbolic of rebirth.

But you must do all the work before midnight.

Make sure you go out and buy a new outfit and make sure to get something in red - it's considered the lucky color.

Then have a traditional Chinese dinner - order foods like "Nian Gao" which is a sweet sticky rice cake, beef or pork dumplings, and a whole fish which are symbolic of progress, togetherness and abundance.

If you follow these traditional customs you are sure to attract good fortune in the year ahead.

Last night you should have shown the old year the door at midnight!

All windows and doors in your home or apartment should have been opened briefly to let out any vestiges of the old year.

Today parents will give their children money which they will place in special red envelopes for good luck.

While Chinese New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are reserved for family members, for the next fifteen days it’s customary to pay friends and relatives a visit.

Be sure to bring gifts (usually food and flowers) and money in red envelopes for the kids.

Also make sure you display some citrus fruits and keep bowls of fresh tangerines and oranges in your home during the New Year’s period.

Tangerines symbolize good luck, and oranges symbolize wealth.

At midnight many Chinese revelers set off firecrackers and will do it during the two weeks after New Year’s Day to help scare off evil spirits.

Were you born in the year of the rabbit by any chance?

Albert Einstein, Frank Sinatra, Pope Benedict XVI, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, as well as Johnny Depp, David Beckham, and Tiger Woods all were born in these years.

Make it a great rabbit dia!

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