A prayerful beginning.

I begin all my days on my knees and in meditation.

I am grateful the moment I awaken.

I am grateful for my work, my joys and even any suffering that I have faced or will face.
I also begin my day agreeing to be held accountable at every level by our creator.

Personally bound to do, be and give the best there is in me.

I always end my prayer asking for healing, personal, for my loved ones and especially for the people of my beloved Mexico.

I pray for the millions still suffering in Haiti and in Northern India.

The many thousands of flood victims still suffering in Veracruz and Chiapas.  

For healing throughout the world in distant lands like Iraq, Afghanistan and for Egypt. 

I continue to pray that I may be a better man, and leader.

That I can do right by my family, all my relatives and friends, and new colleagues.

Make it a prayerful dia!

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