Self limiting imagination?

It's easy to spend too much time longing for the old days..

when we sigh and wish somehow yesterday's triumphs were today's successes.

Often we can't envision a better day because we're too busy remembering the past.

We end up getting stuck in place..

because we are unable to envision our lives being differently better from what they are right now.

Too often it isn't an economic crisis..

or an intellectual one,

nor even a spiritual crisis.

It's a crisis of self limiting imagination. 

We end up trying desperately to hold on to our status quo.

Maybe we're just too afraid of a little uncertainty.  

Afraid that if we let go, we might be swept away by our current emptiness.

Yet there is no gain without some calculated risk.

Be bold!

Be tough!

Be courageous!

Live - Love - Grow.

Make it a great dia!

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