If we only looked around...

Our lives become so hectic and laborious that we end up learning "rut" routines.

We track so deep and hard that we create a path to no where.

Somehow by keeping up the hurried pace we end up forgetting to look around -

to try new things..

and more importantly to not repeat the way we lived the day before. 

Start a new day by acknowledging new thoughts,

take on new new opportunities,

go out of your way to meet new people,

take a different road home and see new places..

try a whole new way of doing the things you normally do. 

There is so much out there waiting for us.

You will never know what you might discover about the world around you,

especially if you just open your eyes a little wider,

take a closer listen,

or better yet, open your mind.

Make it a great dia!

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