A pat on the back...

No matter how old we get we all love a good pat on the back.

To be reassured that we are of value to another.

We tend to think of self-esteem as being something that we seek to encourage in little children.

We work at developing and nurturing them so that they will grow up happy and well adjusted.

As adults we rely on past confirmations that have helped us to furthur nurture and develop our own self esteem.

Self esteem that we rely on a daily basis to pull us through the daily experience.

Especially when we are at a cross roads, a trying time or facing a tough decision. 

Here is where we need to be able to have that solid "self" to trust and depend on.

Never doubt just how far you can go.

Never doubt your own strengths and abilities.

Know that within us lies every ounce of ability and strength, to handle just about any situation.

Live - Love - Grow.

Make it a great día!

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