Self imposed limitations?

There are many challenges to our daily living.

Some are meant to be learning lessons..

and others I believe are there to remind us of our innate abilities to overcome.

The difference is how we see them.

Are they "self imposed limitations?"

We end up frustrating ourselves to no end by operating out of an "If, then mindset."

If I had __________, then I would ___________.
If I could __________, then I would ___________.

If I had more money, then I would buy a nicer car.
If I could play the guitar, then I would be a celebrity musician.
If I was more skillful with carpentry tools, then I could build my own furntiure.

Some of us encounter this same kind of thinking in the corporate world.

I call this thinking, "atmospheric box thinking"..

What would you do if you had unlimited money?

Could sing?  Were more skillful?  And so on…

Who wouldn't want it, but this mindset can be a breeding ground for frustration.


Because at the moment you don’t have unlimited money.

You presently can’t play the guitar like a pro.

You don't have the current knowledge or tools to be a master carpenter.

Simply put, for the time being we’re somewhat stuck with our limitations.

And while it might be liberating to think about life as if we didn’t have them,

they’re still there and WE have to WORK with WHAT we HAVE.

I’m not saying that one shouldn’t plan ahead and improve or that we shouldn’t dream.

Of course we all should.

But our box is never going to expand to that atmospheric potential, until you learn to "live" in it.

I want to challenge you to think closer to the box.

Stop waiting for what you want and work what you’ve got.

How much money do you have now?

What can you do now to improve your financial situation.

What talents do you have? 

What music lessons can you take to become a better musician or singer or craftsman.

Your greatest limitation is also your greatest opportunity.

There must be something greater awaiting for us and we need to work through our limitations.

We need to make do with what we actually have and actually can achieve.

Most of us are so focused on what we don’t have, that we’re blinded to what we do have.

Gratitude is possibly missing in our lives.

We can't keep hoping for change - if we are not willing to work hard to make it happen.

We all have it in us to accomplish much more then we think we can.

So as el Señor Hernandez my music instructor would always tell us,

"Never say you can't - say you'll try."

Make it a great dia!

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