What's the order?

Ever wonder, "How much farther do I have to go to reach a certain goal?"

Maybe wonder if you could see how far you've come?

What is your next goal?

One way to feel like you're making progress is to take a moment and write down all your goals, dreams and aspirations.

Small ones, BIG ones, personal ones and business ones.

Then put them all in order - 

move everything around until you feel they are where they should be.

Many times in LIFE we unknowingly prioritized our goals, dreams or aspirations incorrectly.

Ask yourself... "What is important now?"


or "Why not?"

By visualizing it this simple way -

you will find it is easier to put anything that may seem to be out of order in your life,

and make it much more organized by prioritizing them.

Our priorities will change and so will our list.

But if you have writtten them down -

one below the other -  

you can begin to move from one target, goal or dream to the next much faster.

Just taking this first step will help put you on your way to reaching your most important ones.

So keep moving and know you are rewarding an important person - YOU!

There is always discomfort and pain when making changes..

but by focusing more on your journey,

you may well be relieving some of the pressure and stress that arises from it. 

Prioiritizing them makes it much easier on you.

Find purpose in your changes. 

I really believe that we can find "purpose" in even the most difficult of challenges.

Make it a great dia!

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