Are you living in a perfect moment>

We can all dream about the perfect moment,

the perfect job..

or the perfect relationship.

We can also go our entire life wishing it so and it may never happen.

Then there are moments when our lives takes us in an unanticipated direction. 

All of a sudden we wake up one day,

and realize we have found our way into the life we always knew we wanted to live. 

Where our being here makes a difference,

where what we contribute at home and or work is making a difference,

and we're not just there for ourselves..

where our existance on this earthly journey matters to someone.

How we feel and the respect that we show in how we live their lives is important.

Who we spend our time with is critcal. 

Look around and make sure that you are in that moment.

Make today that day and work to make every day from here on out just as amazing.

Make it a perfectly great dia!

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