Evaluate, judge or discipline someone?

What would happen if you were in a position to judge, re-evaluate or discipline someone?

How would you fairly apply a balanced punitive action?

I come from a legacy of disciplining but one where our Father always told us to “Be stern but fair.”

My Mother on the other hand (and bless her heart for the many times that she interceded on our behalf)… would discipline from a place in her heart.

She could quickly correct any situation, including her children and her husband who could both be difficult to manage at times, with only love as her sword.

"Always treat others with the level of respect you want to get back," my old Grandpa Aristeo would tell us.

So too must we pay attention to how we lecture, discipline or level justice.

Be respectful.

Be kind.

Be stern.

But above all Be Fair.

We all can learn from our mistakes, although second chances don't always come easy.

Make it a great día!

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