Gratitude encourages..

Life would be so much better if we all showed each other a bit more gratitude.

I find less and less of it all around me.

Although I know no one has any obligation to show gratitude to anyone else.

No one has to thank their manager, and your manager doesn’t have to thank you,

and neither of you have to thank your customers.

But can you imagine how much better our lives would be if we all showed each other a bit more GRATITUDE?

We'd all get along much better and probably like each other even more.

We’d all want to go the extra mile for one another.

And our customers would not only appreciate us more but be happier too.

From my personal experience I know that the best places to work are ones,

where people are grate­ful for the opportunity to contribute..

and aren’t afraid to express sincere ap­preciation whenever it is merited.

The best places I've worked at (blessed to say just five organizations in over 35 years ;),

were those where people, regardless of their position, accepted compliments,

and praise with grace and never second-guessed the intention.

We all have a lot to be grateful for every day.

Make it a point to expand both team and individual gratitude and graciousness,

and I guarantee that your work life will be healthier and happier.

You will see negativity begin to diminish and you’ll see that your efforts,

will reflect in the bottom line with improved morale,

productivity and most importantly in the form of happier employees.

If you want to make GRATITUDE grow...

Say thank-you a lot more..

Give compliments often..

Adopt an “It’s the thought that counts” sort of attitude.

Always communicate openly and honestly.

Thank those you serve.

Thank your subordinates for putting their trust in you each day.

Thank your customers for giving you their business.

After all, GRATITUDE is contagious and will encourages repeat performances.

Make it a great dia! 

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