Make people around you HAPPIER!

What can you do to make your work place or home happier?

If we are to be happier we have to be positive and make ourselves think about being happier.

It begins with us.

We must make ourselves feel happier.

Recognizing what it is to feel right and then work to make your surrounding an atmosphere of genuine and positive growth.

For instance I have been working to make my employees and the recently hired ones feel genuinely welcomed.

A new employee had been there less than a week when we surprised her on her birthday. 

My approach is to also have on-going meetings that are positive.

Meetings that not only educate but reward and recognize.

We have on going activities at my office.

We are currently playing a Let's Make a Deal fun activity, where all of the employees end up winning snacks, gift cards, time off and casual days all week long.

Looking around it’s common to see people smile or hear them laughing.

I also bring a degree of levity to work and ensure that my employees know that I can be myself when I am with them.

We also plan and hold a lot of celebrations and ensure that our employees are recognized not just on their birthdays but anniversaries and for doing a great job as well.

It begins at the top with leadership having an optimistic and positive attitude.

When people call us they will always hear an upbeat and positive (but consultative) voice at the other end.

I definitely have a sense that they enjoy doing business with us.

We are all part of one company and one team.

It doesn't cost any more to have a happier more cohesive workforce.

By making it a more positive and happier environment it certainly makes it happen.

Make it a great dia!

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