Being persistent - overcomes..

Obstacles are meant to be climbed over.

As a kid I loved climbing anything that was challenging to climb.

There were hills, cliffs, mountains, adobe homes, wind mills, trees, and horses and mules and donkeys too.

Maybe that is why I still seek out challenges today and find ways to climb and overcome them.

I admit I've encountered some that seemed just too difficult to do.

A few others where I just couldn't get moving, wanted to stop or slow down to a crawl.

At other points in my life I encountered tragedy and depression,

sadness and loss which made it almost impossible to even see the path over the obstacle.

LIFE with all its demands and responsibilities sometimes can be overwhelming.

You just can't stay in bed and put off doing everything you need to do.

So the only thing to do is to take that first step.

By pushing through the difficult times it makes the obstacle a whole lot easier to overcome.

You can't climb anything laying on your back.

We are after all meant to compete.

No one ever taught us to be quitters.

We’re not meant to give up.

We were taught about persistence and determination and WINNING.

Losing is a learned trait.

Giving up is not.

We honed our abilities to keep overcoming obstacles as kids.

From learning to ask for help our Mothers or Fathers as infants,

for milk or just asking (screaming) to have our dirty diapers changed.

Speaking, crawling, walking, riding a bike…

We never gave up.

Even when we fell and bumped our heads or skinned our knees…

we always got up and kept at it until we got it right.

Giving up was learned much later.

Thank goodness we didn't become experts in it.

All challenges have solutions.

No matter how difficult the climb, they are all only obstacles.

Obstacles that our personal determination and drive will lead us to great triumphs..

if we are persistent.

Persistence is key, all we need to do is persist a little longer.

In no time we have overcome the obstacles and our troubles will become manageable or altogether resolved.

Keep climbing.

Be persistent.

Never, ever give up.

Make it a great dia!

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