Love that binds.

They say that love at its center provides the foundation of our identity.

I believe we are all born with a peace-filled core.

At our center - that innate love takes hold and growth so that we can ourselves to others.

Giving away kindness, generosity or our love doesn't diminish the quantity we hold inside.

It actually reinforces it. 

I believe that there are three kinds of love.

Love of our higher power, that in my life I call God.

Love of Self.

Love of our neighbor.

Yet all are closely bound together.

We must not squander this gift.

Share your love.

The easiest way that I know how is to lead a life that is of service to another.

Immanuel Kant, a great philosopher once said,  "If there is a science that we badly need, it is one that will tell us how to occupy properly that place in creation that is assigned to man."

We all have so much more to give.

Find your space -

Work your space -

Give all to your purpose.

Make it a great día!

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