R U Purfect?

When we become parents we at times feel that somehow we are obligated

to be perfect.

Society and people in general especially all those that are't parents

somehow expect us to be perfect.

Our children expect that as well, and even our spouses forget

that we're also imperfect.

Once the invisible benchmark is set, we are monitored very closely.

In the end, we end up disappointing.

Because none of us are able to meet the high standard.

I am not perfect.

You are not perfect.

Just as our children are not perfect.

Although it’s something we may aspire to be.

Yet we don’t necessarily live by.

Parenting can be a generally desolate and lonely road.

But I believe that once we get over trying to be so darn perfect,

we start to begin to enjoy the freedom of being imperfect.

We all become easier to live with.

The world in fact becomes an easier place to live in.

It all starts from a place of acceptance..

when we are ourselves, rather than striving to be someone else

who appears to be perfect.

No one likes a faker.. so quit putting your energy into keeping up appearances.

By trying to be perfect you are wasting precious time and energy

from enjoying life and your children themselves.

Imagine living your life on your terms?

And loving yourself by your own set conditions?

Acceptance has to be fundamental.

With personal acceptance comes an inner satisfaction,

that is accompanied by a true peace of mind and gratitude.

More important your loved ones and the people around you will love,

and appreciate you even more for having done it.

Make it a great día!

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