The South's on our minds.

Somehow, tragedy always seems to bring out the best in all of us.

A universal sense of unity.

It is as if hurt and injury transcend all distances..

 and somehow through the human spirit the cable is delivered to one's doorstep.

It is at these times - when so many are hurting, because of the flooding and storms that the South has been hit with.

That our hearts strings are tugged.

Not just by CNN or Fox moments, but throughout the day.

It is difficult to see the devastation and not be moved.

Now is the time to be generous - to give what you are comfortable giving.

For the more you spend in blessing, the newly homeless..

praying for their hurt and loss,

the more of your heart’s possessing..

returns to you in immeasurable value.

Today as you express your empathy by gift giving, be grateful.

The size of your gift is not important, no matter the amount - what is important is that you give.

Please stand for all those who can't.

Give - Love - Grow.

Make it a grateful día.

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