With 100% certainty..

Its a new week.

Some things I just know 100% for certain.

That I have been given a new day..

to do something with,

and that I must share with someone. 

I am also 100% sure that life doesn’t always go according to one's plans.

A Mexican saying says something to the effect as -

"Man proposes and God disposes." 

I am also 100% certain that courage isn’t something that is planned,

it's just one of those special moments when we've managed to survive something..

or pushed ourselves through it and only later to realize it was courage that got us there. 

That being a parent is the absolute hardest job one will ever have and the most rewarding. 

That life isn’t always logical. 

That words can wound.

That love does heal. 

That wealth is more than our net worth.

That our integrity has no price.

That life moves faster than we realize, often until it is too late.

That life rarely gives us "do overs."

That we should appreciate more deeply.

We should love more freely.

We should be more grateful of everything we enjoy.

That it's our responsibility to help someone up and off their knees.

Make it a 100% great día! 

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