I read one beautiful story..

Last night I finished reading the final chapter of Tuesdays with Morrie.

It was a very, very strong and emotional passage.

I could see Mitch saying goodbye to Morrie for the very last time..

I had to blink several times, as I tried to continue reading through the tears that filled my eyes.

It was if somehow I too was somewhere saying goodbye to the people that I loved.

It brought back the memories of the past eleven months and the three relatives we have lost in Cd. Juarez. 

I also accepted the presence of death and its inevitability in my own life,

and the lives of all those I continue to love.

There will come a time when I too will have to say my final Adios.

I remembered and relived my experience at my Viejita's (mother’s) own passing.

I thought about my own life and my own departure.

In an instant I experienced my own death.

As difficult as it was I accepted it.

My eyes continued tear, until tears were streaming down my cheeks.

The passage from life to death, going from the purely physical to deeply spiritual..

can be sad and painful.

But I have always known that our relationships don’t ever die.

Not even when our physical bodies die.

Life is eternal, you are eternal.. therefore, your relationships are eternal.

Though our physical body is not permanent,

accepting death as a transition to something different, better and beautiful..  is.

Like the story of a wave, splashing around at sea in the wind.

As the wave nears land, it sees the waves in front of it crashing into the shore and vanishes.

The wave becomes scared as it realizes that it is approaching the shore.

A second wave notices the first wave’s concern, and says, “you don’t understand.

You’re not a wave, you’re part of the ocean.”

As we look out towards the shore, we too see it is coming.

It is not a tragedy, but rather a beautiful gift.

And when you accept this, you begin to see life in a different way - you begin to really live.

We must all live our lives with love, and working hard to never take any one moment,

a certain thing, or a person for granted.

I love “Tuesdays with Morrie” and it is one of the most inspiration books I have read.

Deep down I secretly wish I had met Morrie.

Treasure the Morries' in your life.

Make it their great dia!

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