Free yourself.

I watched a documentary how they train elephants.

Apparently when the elephant is young and relatively weak,

it is chained to a tree by a large chain.

Eventually they only tie the elephant with just a rope.

Years later no matter how large and strong he becomes…

he continues to believe that he can't free himself.

In many ways intelligent people like ourselves are a lot

like these innocent magestic elephants.

We never stop to question our self-imposed limitations.

I need to remind myself of the limitless possibilities that exist in my life.

Begin today and do the same.

Maybe then we'll all realize that the only limitations for ourselves

are the ones we've personally created.

After all fear is simply an emotion to be dealt with, and not something extraordinarily

powerful  that should paralyze us from moving.

So today be fearless.

Set yourself FREE.

Make it a sky's the limit kind of dia!

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