An extra degree of effort..

We all tend to learn from one another.

People at their core are constantly looking for ways to be more successful.

To improve and to demonstrate to others and themselves that

their contribution matters.

At my office my large team of colleagues are coming to understand

just how important

it is to give an extra degree of effort.

To ensure that they have done all they can for the day,

and then take one more productive action before gong home.

It is thinking along the lines of the "212 degrees" philosophy. 

Always doing more, trying just a little bit harder each and every time.

Taking the 211 degree mentality and increasing it to 212 degrees.

You've heard about the 212 philosophy?

If you haven't let me quote it.

I reccomend you put it to good use in everything you do.. 

"At 211 degrees, water is hot.. but at 212 it creates steam and steam

creates power.

Power that moves a steamship across the globe, and can even

create electricity."

It's all about second efforts.

Its all about caring enough to, to do just a little more.

I've learned that life is great about giving us a second chance.

But I've also learned that making a "living," has never been

the same as making a "life."

We have to make sure we are putting into Life, as much as we

are expecting to recieve. 

The bigger the effort - the greater the results.

Like you may have heard it tell, "You can't go through life with a

catcher's mitt on both hands.

To stay in the game, you need to be able to throw something back."

In Life, I aim to go hard at it the entire game.

I intend to play the entire 9 innings and extra ones if needed.

I am in it to win, are you?

Make it a great extra effort kind of día.

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