Gratefulness - a new over the counter med.

Gratitude is one of life's greatest anti-depressant.

Its simple, natural and it is chemical free.  

Our own over the counter remedy for a mild depression!

It will help open doors to new meaning and hope.

Gratitude will also help you in situations where you need to overcome

even the most pessimistic of days and people.

Taking in just a few moments in meditative gratitude, will clear your mind,

and allow you to breathe again.

It will bring levity to the weighty challenge and even allow you to laugh,

at the situation and even bring you tranquility.

Being grateful helps push through those tough times,

and helps to motivate us in times of joy.

Being grateful teaches us to appreciate the invaluable things in our lives;

family, friends, health,

love, integrity, dignity.

Just think, everything that we love will undoubtedly

end up becoming a part of us.

GRATITUDE helps us recognize all seen and unseen gifts

 that are around us,

it also brings into clearer focus the fuller story,

and it is the lense that allows us to always see them.

Make it a great día!

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