Is it YOU in your corner?

We can be our best friend or our own worst enemies. 

Who would you rather have in your corner?

Think about the last time you found yourselves in the depth

of a challenging situation.

Was it is a difficult personal relationship or some failure in your career? 

Maybe you miss your goal by an inch or were enduring financial difficulties. 

It's easier to look for reasons as to why we aren’t where we want to be.

We might even try to convince ourselves with the many excuses as to

why something just hasn’t worked out for us. 

This is when you need a friend in your corner.

The positive "you" that is needed to help and support you

while you are taking the needed steps to move on.

Next time you find yourself deep in sorrow, frustration or despair,

take a deep breath. 

Next take one step that will put you on the road back to taking control.

We may not be in control over the situation, but we can

certainly be in control of our attitude and approach.

You are in charge of what decisions to take,

and what you are going to do about it.

Make it a great día! 

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