Love's golden solder..

Violence in Mexico continues to take its toll.

My family continues to  live under siege. 

One day I am going to return for good, and sit under the shade

of a large peach tree, 

one I once seeded in my courtyard of my home in the village.

There is a large wooden bench that a good friend made me

also waiting there.

I also believe that before that day comes, I have to ensure that I am doing,

all I can to leave a positive legacy.

Especially to raise awareness and to continue to work with various social

groups in Cd. Juárez who are desperately trying to care for the

growing number of orphans.

All left behind as a result of the almost four year old cartel war.

To continue to speak out and write to any one in authority

about the dire need 

in Mexico to return to its tranquil and sustained peace that it once enjoyed.

I've come to realize over the years that people can deal with tragedy

either by throwing their lives away, and or by gluing

themselves together,

To try and pretend that the a tragedy never happened is

something that never lasts..
Our approach has been to carefully solder the broken places with

a rich gold solder - that we call love.

The beautifully solid and carefully soldered bond that adheres the departed,

back from the once shattered life.

Nuch like a beautiful but fragile porcelain cup, rustic in appearance,

yet beloved as an old heirloom, passed down by the loving Grandmother.

One of the few expensive possessions she allowed herself.

Yet somehow taken from the cupboard and a special guest accidentally

dropped and broke it to pieces.

It was way too precious to simply throw away.

After the shock and the emotion of losing it to pieces...

We decided to try and repair it, not with glue, which never really holds,

but with a seam of gold solder.

Love and memories combine to bond broken people and shattered

dreams like that gold solder,

repairing a break in what can never be restored perfectly.

Yet the gold repair adds a kind of beauty to the cup, making it once

again whole, and its story still as important as when it was

its pristine self.

Mexico will one day need to be glued back together -

I hope that we will be with love's golden solder.

Make it a great día!

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