Need a free fill-up?

Need a fill-up on GRATITUDE?

That rate never goes up in price.

Are you only grateful when something fortunate happens?

Possibly only feel happy when things are going well? 

What about when a troubles or challenges appear?

Do you forget how you felt just prior to the negative experience? 

No one has to wait to feel grateful.

Feeling blessed comes from within. 

From a gentle nudge from a loved one, to having good health.

Each day we are given another opportunity to go after our dreams,

to correct our mistakes, to explore opportunities,

and all of Life's endless possibilities.

We're each given another day to show our appreciation and love

toward ourselves and the people around us.

Are you taking anyone or anything for granted?

Look around, be grateful for all the good that is happening around you.

See what and who is showing up in your life.

Then at different times of your day, stop and give thanks.

Before you head off to sleep give thanks for whatever moved you closer

toward your goals or helped you grow personally.

So what if it wasn't all that great a day.

Stay positive, find a lesson in the experience.

Encourage yourself quietly and make whatever it is, better the next time.

To be positive you must change the image in the mirror.

How do you see yourself?

When you start believing that you have reasons to be grateful for,

you will feel more positive, happier and grateful.

The next time you feel that you have no reason to feel grateful,

get out and get to know a homeless person.

Visit an elderly relative, or someone at a nursing home.

Think of ways that you can help make someone happier.

Your acts of kindness and generosity will go a long ways in making you

feel whole, happier and more grateful.

Make it a grateful kind of dia!

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