Resentment is poison.

My Viejita was a very forgiving soul.

She had many experiences that in retrospect could have been

prime causes for some degree of resentfulness.

Yet she said that there were no good reasons to ever be resentful.

Situations and experiences just didn't justify having resentments

or being resentful. 

She taught us to be more forgiving.

That the only thing we would earn from being resentful

was negativity. 

It held us back from learning from the situation,

and limited our own ability to forgive and move on. 

We will all endure tough times and difficult moments.

Some of these moments will come with hurt,

and we will all experience heartache.

In those situations we have to take time to  process our feelings

of hurt and betrayal. 

What we can't allow them to however;

is to let them consume us. 

We have to release the anger, and any resentment that we are feeling. 

As difficult as it may seem at first -

it is completely doable.

For by doing so we are able to reclaim our lives,

and than move forward. 

Soon we will realize that the very thing we once resented

is the thing we are most grateful for. 

Make it a forgiving día!

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