Short term goals are important too.

Sometimes it is more important to think in terms of short term goals.

We go through life focusing only on our long-term goals, forgetting to see what

is right in front of us.

A few of us will be blessed by something smacking us in the face,

and we will begin to question our own mortality.

Something that will inspire us to focus and prioritize our life.

One of my sisters is facing one of the toughest challenges of her life.

She has stage four ovarian cancer.

A cancer that has forced her to live in the "now".

To feel, sense and taste in ways she hadn’t done before.

Still that didn’t mean she had to stop dreaming or quit planning for her future.

Even though she has been told that she has less than 2 years to live.

Her voice has gotten softer and takes more rests throughout the day.

With the loss of remaining time, her dreams have become more simple and less complicated.

She imagines what her granddaughters and grand sons will be like when they go to high school.

What careers they'll choose to follow.

Even what their weddings will be like.

She walked me over to an old antique armoire, her favorite of the three.

As she opened the glass doors it creaked and we both looked at each other and laughed.

"It's getting rusty just like the two of us," she said.  I told her to speak for herself.

She pointed to her favorite dress.

It was a light blue patterned summer dress, that had a white laced necklace

wrapped in plastic and with the price tag still on it. 

She sighed, and whispered out loud of the beautiful dress and how she might not be 

around to wear it next Easter.

It’s a dress she picked out this past spring.

Her son had bought it for her back than but it was too pretty to wear and decided to save it till next Easter..

Still she knows she might not get to wear it.

Her Dr.'s have given her the worst case scenario and it doesn't look promising. 

Her face fell to pieces, and her strong matronly composure broke,

as she finished telling me this.

Openly crying, she quickly stopped and apologized for the tears.

But then, I lost it as well.

I hugged my sister and we began to cry..

Not so much for the question of one's mortality, but for the for the dreams and joys she is sure to one day miss experiencing.

“I just know it’s going to be ok,” she said as gently touched my face

to wipe my tears away.

“It’s ok,” she repeated, as if trying to assure me.

"Lloron!" she teased .. a word I had not heard since I was a kid, "Cry baby!"

We laughed and held each other tighter.

I know my Sister, she is a tough woman and her Faith has always been her strength.

Knowing her like I do, I really believe that it will be ok.

Make it a grateful dia!

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