Your eye on the eye.

An old Kickapoo Elder Pesiquia once told me a story about always

finishing where you need to be.

It could have easily bee about targets and goals or focusing on how

to achieve them.

But I was a youngster.

He said an old Tamichopa was trying to teach his two young hunters how

to master the bow and arrow.

There in the distant on top of a nogal tree, he nailed a large old wooden

bird as the target.

He then asked them to look at the bird in the distance and aim directly at the 

eye of the bird.

The first hunter was asked to describe what he saw.

He squinted and starred and then said, "Ole Pesiquia I see the nogal tree,

its branches, many nuts, a lot of leaves, the bright skies, 

one bird and its eye.." 

Pesiquia nodded and then turned to the other young hunter,

and asked him the same question. 

The second hunter looked out at the distance, squinted and took in

everything in and then replied,

"Old Pesiquia, I only see the one eye of the bird." 

Pesiquia than said, "Very good, then shoot it."

The arrow went flying throught he air and pierced

directly into the eye of the bird!

What is the moral of this story?

Focus is important, no matter where or who you are.

Unless we focus, we can't achieve our goal.

It may not always be easy to focus and concentrate,

but it is an important skill that can be mastered.

You'll never finish where you need to be without it.

Make it a great dia!

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