A Charles Wyly, Chofetz Chaim story...

Yesterday we lost a very kind and generous man.

He was Charles Wyly, who died in an accident near his Aspen home in Colorado.

Sadly he's left behind to mourn, his beautiful wife Dee and his four children, Martha,

Chip, Emily and Jennifer and seven grandchildren Trey, Christopher,

Carla, Dulaney, Wyly, Jessica and Megan Lindsey.

Charles and his wife Dee have been champions for the arts in Texas,

and Colorado for many years.

The Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre in downtown dallas is a testament

to their vision and generosity.

He was a kind man, a wonderful husband and Father and both witty and funny,

and most of all a loving Grandfather.

He will forever be remembered. 

His generosity reminded me about a story of a great sage, Chofetz Chaim.

He was working hard to collect money for a school that was in desperate

need of a furnace.

One bitter winter's night he went to the home of a wealthy benefactor.

The supporter of the school met the Chofetz at the door and invited him in.

But Chofetz Chaim declined the invitation to enter the home.

It was only after he had obtained a large donation from his chilled host

did Chofetz Chaim consent to enter his heated home.

He said that he was afraid that in the gentle warmth of the parlor,

the wealthy man's empathy for the freezing students would be minimal.

But not if he stood on a freezing doorstep...

Charles was the type of man that stood on that freezing doorstep

for all his loved ones, his friends, colleagues,

neighbors and his community.

Today he leaves us with heartfelt advice, for us to  make a concerted effort

to always stand on a freezing doorstep.

To take every opportunity  to show our compassion, and our love for another.

If we all took time and devoted our energy to giving to those we care about,

much like Charles always did..  we will one day experience a kind

of understanding,

and love that can't be discovered in any other way.

May God have mercy on your kind soul,

Rest in peace Charles.

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