Leadership laughter?

I spent last week at Leadership School.

We learned a lot about leading through example,

about being the importance of effective leadership.

I also found an ingredient that our staff of trainers used throughout

the coursework, levity and laughter.

To me laughter has always been an emergent property

of a great place to work.

My agents work hard but they also know that they can count on me

to bring positive energy and laughter to our large team.

It tells them that its ok to be professional and have fun.

To me  its important that we have a strong sense of camaraderie.

People want to feel as though what they do matters.

To know that they are making a contribution to important work.

My also want my agents laugh frequently.

I enjoy that.

I listen.

If ever I stop hearing their laughter,

than I won't have to wonder why..

to know why.

Make it a great día!

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