I love anniversaries..

Anniversaries are especially important to me.

More so than birthdays.

Birthdays are one person's account - one person's adding of another year

in the book of life, or one person's chronology.

An anniversary on the other hand, to me is the reaching of an

important milestone.

One where its successful is highly dependent on more than one person.

It is a special commemorative day, one that alone is not

sufficient to celebrate as it must be attained with the

interaction of another.

An anniversary speaks to two people that have worked hard to

make a difference to one another.

A positive interrelated space between themselves.

Or themselves and their career, their work or other significant activity.

For some an anniversary of some special event means that the event was

meaningful and important in a psychological way, and one we should delight

in reliving that occasion, event or moment.

Where something wonderful happened on this day, a year ago.

Like a "milestone" numbers, five, ten, or twenty-five as some sort of

testament to the success of having worked things through

and having stayed together.

Anniversaries are special, they are at once rare and meaningful in

themselves and one should celebrate them with enthusiasm,

"romance" and "sentimentality."

Celebrate the day you got married, the length of time you've been engaged,

a personal relationship, marriage or co-habitaing..

another year that you contributed to your career at the office.

Realize that your life and your relationships have to be about

more than days circled on a calendar or memories

of times past.

Anniversaries are the accolades that come from having successfully

accomplished one full year of memories, another twelve months of having

successfully strengthened relationships and in the process.. 

strengthen ourselves.

Make it a great dia and Feliz Aniversario!

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