My backyard universe.

I awaken before the dawn every day - an old habit fro my military days..

I quietly walk around my back yard and than I sit by my bird tree.

I call it my bird tree because it has twelve birdhouses of all shapes

and sizes hanging in it.

In the winter the smart ones that refuge in them and create their winter homes.

Each morning, as I quietly listen for the world to come alive,

I receive a greeting from the universe.

Most mornings the universe reminds me that I am the creator of my own reality show

and that the life of my dreams is just a thought away.

Sometimes the universe reminds me that the people in my life are teachers

and all the so-called “problems” are opportunities for growth and development.

Lately I have an ample assortment of these type of challenges.

Through the years of the Universe has also taught me that thoughts

can sometimes become things.

Yesterday was no exception, I received a message from the universe:

Hola Tomás, ever notice that in the long run, those who don’t eventually go “within,”

often go “without.”

Be the essence - seek your essence - show you power.

Make it a great día!

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