So much to be grateful for..

Have you ever heard a song that really moved you?

Music that brought tears to your eyes,

or rhythms that made you want to dance?

What about when you first listened to your baby breathing.

I remember watching my little feller's face as he quietly slept.

I also hear my Father's words of wisdom, ones that still echo in my head. 

Often I'll remember my Viejita's funny stories and laugh.

There are many beautiful and moving moments.

I have seen a few sunrises on the east coast,

and many beautiful sunsets in the west. 

I helped deliver my son.

I have skydived and not always for pleasure.

I have traveled to many serene locations,

Israel and Jordan come to mind.

I rode the Maid of the Mist with my wife and son,

and have seen the beautiful Niagra and stepped on Goat Island too.

I watched my grandmother give when she had nothing to give. 

I have touched the tiny feet of several newborns,

and fixed more than one collar bone and a set a broken nose.

I have felt the awe of the Sierra Madres,

and looked over the high peaks of el Canyon de Cobre.

I have felt the power of the ocean and gentleness of the snow. 

I’ve tasted the flavor of a homemade wine,

and home brewed beer that my neighbor created.

I have tasted the salt of a tear and the bitterness of betrayal. 

I’ve smelled the Sonoran desert after a hard rain,

and the scent of a fresh cut rose from the garden. 

I’ve inhaled the wonder of a pine in the forests of

Bavaria in southern Germany.

I've breathed in the scent of an ocean breeze on Monterrey Bay. 

My life has blessed in a million ways,

and has allowed me to live,

with humble acceptance and gratitude.

For this I am grateful.

Make a list of all that you are grateful for.

Make it a great día!

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