Texas HEAT.

Texas is still having the 100 plus days, something we have all somewhat

grown to live with.

I actually quit counting at 142nd day.

Most days the temperature is over 104 degrees and as high as 109.

Dallas seems to generate heat like no other place in the world.

Maybe it is due to all the buildings and freeways and lack of green ways.

So thanks to the lack of greenery and vegetation, the paved surfaces below

us just absorb all the heat and share it with the rest of us.

At 6:00 this morning the Mercury was already topping the

82 degree Fahrenheit mark!

It’s pretty much all people talk about these days.

Funny though, you can say the same thing about our attitudes

toward weather that you could say about anything else in life.

Just like rainy days or sunshine, our time on Earth will be full of ups and down.

People with positive attitudes aren’t people that don’t experience the downs,

they’re just people who realize that our reactions to life’s turbulence are choices.

You can greet the hot weather with anger and resistance,

or you can make the most of it.

Either way, it’s still going to be hot and sweaty out there.

And if you’re going to be a hot and sweaty,

you might as well be happy hot sweaty.

Try and stay as cool as you can.

Make it a great día!

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