Letting GO.

If we are to move on - to progress and grow we have to let go

of negative past experiences.

Memories and reminders that are holding us back.

We have to walk forward in the promises that a loving LIFE is in store for us.

I say we let go of the following past negative experiences.

All unhealthy relationships.

Financial issues.



A previous broken marriages.

Any type of abuse including sexual, physical or verbal.

We must not see ourselves as being a victim.

Even bad parenting

No matter what you may be going through, or have been through

you have to work to release yourself of the past.

I meditate and pray each day for releases.

Do not allow yourself to live in the past

or allow it to have a hold over your life.

Do not let guilt take up space in your heart.

Face your past, all situations and circumstance head on!

Pray for resiliency and strength to look everything in the face with courage.

Make it an acceptance and release kind of dia!

Change will come, it takes time do not be discouraged.

What is behind us we can't change,

but what is before us we have control over.

Make it a grateful día!

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