My 24 hour day.

I was asked the other day by one of my agents what my daily routine was.

I didn't have to think very long, as people that know me I am a very early riser.

I am also a creature of habit.

I am awake everyday no later than 4:15 a.m.. most days even earlier.

I pray and meditate for about a half hour.

I feed and water the Parker and take in a morning walk.

I hope to begin exercising again once my neck surgery takes place

which I am scheduling for the middle of November.

I look at my written goals; short, medium and long term and see how much

closer I am to achieving them.

The more you know about them, the more aware, the easier it is to make

better choices.

 When you make better choices, you will see better results.

Upon returning from our walk I sit in the backyard and take in the morning air.

I take a few minutes to visualize what I want my day to go like.

It’s amazing how often our desires become reality when one does this exercise.

I'll then go to the kitchen table and go over my to do list, with the important tasks

and errands that I will need to do that day.

I go shower and as I am bathing I think about what I need to write about that

day in my daily blog.

I begin writing my blog on Thanksgiving day in November 2009.

I write my blog and try and make sure gratitude is one of the messages.

I then check the daily news, both domestic and foreign on-line news dailies.

I eat some oatmeal and or some other quick breakfast item as I read

the on line news.

I think it’s important to have an idea of what is happening in our community

and in our world.

I then take a last minute look around,

I talk to Parker a few seconds,

tidy up anything I may have touched, 

and touch the mezuzah on my way out. ( A story for another day).

At the office I go down my list of things I might not have done the day

before and re-prioritize and organize my day.

My day is typically - untypical.

I try and make sure that accomplish the tasks that are important.

I then make time to go through my calendar and check for meetings that

may have come up as well as priortize my emails.

One has to get in the habit of putting first things first,

and organizing and executing one's life around our deepest priorities.

By 7:00 the agents have started to roll in and I make it a daily habit of

seeing and greeting them and take their energy pulse.

I try and be proactive, I reach out and engage my leadership each day.

Quick huddles, one on ones and also weekly scheduled staff meetings.

We must lead from the front, taking initiative and the responsibility of making

things happen.

At lunch I typically will go with one member of management and or take something

I need to read and or buy a newspaper and find a quiet place

to eat, relax and read.

My afternoons are pretty much spent working with my leadership,

working to stay on course and productive.

If any ER or HR issues come up, I will deal with them swiftly and humanely.

I'll work on the computer for about 45 minutes, make any calls I need to make

and then have some down time after a long day,

by doing some pleasure reading.

I keep a note pad by my bedside.

I'll review my day and see if I was able to accomplish the things I meant to that day.

I have always held myself accountable for my actions.

I also see if I got closer to achieving my goals?

If not, what can I do differently tomorrow?

I am usually asleep by 11:00p.m.

After a long day, this routine tends to help me sleep far more peacefully.

Always awaken and go to sleep having said, I love you, to your loved ones.

No matter how far they may be.

One can't assume that our loved ones know we love them.

Always say these words, call them and or hug and tell them in person,

-  at least once per day.

That is my day.

Make it a great Día!

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