You must decide.

I was talking to a young soldier fresh from a tour in Afghanistan the other day.

I remember the Army motto, Be all that you can be - join the Army!

Our young men and women have proven themselves over and over.. 

just how well they have become the best that they can be.

The young soldier was a bit embarrassed at the gratitude I sent his way.

He then said something that struck me,

"We are all still works in progress."

We chatted for several minutes and then he had to leave.

He left me wondering, how many of us are the best we can be?

Maybe some of us are almost there, others partially there,

but could you 100% confirm that you are at your absolute best?

Are we happy with a mere slice of what all we could accomplish?

Maybe we are content to reach our minimum sales quota,

or just doing enough to meet the minimum expected

or work just hard enough to get by.

I say we need to breathe and live the 212 degree rule.

Otherwise we're cheating our loved ones, our companies,

our communities and more importantly ourselves.

We need to push ourselves farther than we ever realized we could go.

That is the only way to make real progress.

"We are all works in progress," that young Army Specialist said.

We need to continually manage our lives for growth and renewal.

By a simple matter of giving up, we actually do become our "best self."

The best we will ever become.

Yet it's only a shadow of what we could have become.

We must never stop progressing, and never cease getting better.

We need to keep striving to become better, and be our "best self."

We need to expect the best and go after it and get it.

We can't ever accept second best, we must never "settle" for less

than giving it our best, and we must never lose sight

of our targets and goals.

We have to continually grow and learn, plan and produce,

move and dream.

We all can become our best self.

If you're not currently better than you have been even a week ago,

you've got a bit of work to do.

Each day you should work to be better than the day before.

Every day must be that opportunity to work to be better

than you have ever been.

It is about continually growing, continually learning, continually

being your best self.

Make it a great día!

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