Gratitude's ebb and flow.

Life is like the ocean, it stops for no one.

Our lives seem to be constantly changing.

The tide at our feet one moment and moving far away the next.

There are some days when everything seems to be going our way.

We get all the lucky breaks, find the roads emptier, end up making

every green light to the office, get a covered parking place right up front, or find

some rolled up dollar bills in a jean's pocket.

Then there are those days when someone calls us with bad news,

we lose our job, end up rear ended, or run out to the truck and find a flat.

It’s much easier to feel gratitude on any given good day.

We tend to be much more grateful because positive things are happening,

and life is good!

But to really understand gratitude we have to practice it.

If we are to be serious about living a more grateful exitance,

we must learn to be genuinely grateful on those not-so-great days.

Next time start by being grateful even when all that “bad” stuff is happening. 

Soon you will find other, better, things to focus on and be grateful for.

Eventually, we can learn to be grateful BECAUSE those things are happening.

We can, if we allow ourselves to choose, find the blessing in any situation.

The secret is to learn to stand our ground without resisting what is.

It is like standing on the edge of the ocean.

Barefooted in the sand.

There will be moments in life when everything you have seems to be

getting swept out to sea.

Har as you may, you just can't keep the water from taking it all away.

When that happens, stand fast and just let it go.  

Life has it’s own rhythm of ebb and flow just like the tide.  

Things and people will continue to come into our lives,

and things and people will forever continue to leave our lives.

Quite often before we are ready.  

So be grateful for the having of them, and also for the

spirit of letting go.

Live - Love - Grow.

Its all part of this beautiful cycle we call LIFE.

Make it a great día!

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