Trust and let go.

I came across a Reader's Digest story on TRUST.

There was once a young man who was hiking along a trail which

followed the edge of a cliff. 

The young man slipped. 

As he fell over the cliff, he grabbed onto a root sticking out

of the side of the cliff. 

There he hung helplessly. 

A loud voice called out to him from above and asked,

"Do you believe I can save you?" 

The young man struggling to hang on replied, "Yes." 

The stranger left and came again asking the same question,

"Do you believe that I can save you?" 

Again the young man answered in the affirmative. 

The stranger backed away and left a second time,

and returned asking the same question..

with the young man answering, "Yes."  

The stranger then looked at the young man and said,

"Then let go."

He let go but was able to fall to a ledge that led on to a path out of the canyon.

The stranger had been God.

Sometimes that is exactly what it takes. 

Being able to let go and allowing HIM to provide yet another miracle in our lives.

Let Go and Let God. 

In Genesis 22 God commands Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac. 

He did so humbly. 

He took his son and hiked up to the appointed location,

and then put his son on the altar.  

The Lord waited till the last moment to stop Abraham from killing Isaac. 

Abraham proved that he was willing to "let go". 

Because of that the Lord through an angel stopped Abraham,

and provided a ram to be sacrificed in the place of Isaac. 

When Abraham was willing to "let go" and do what ever the Lord would

have him do, he soared instead of falling. 

The Lord will do the same with us, much like he did for the young man

on the cliff if we trust and “let go”. 

There are many life challenging trials which can only be overcome

by our letting go,

and allowing our FAITH to carry us like a leaf upon the wind over them.

Make it a trust filled dia.

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