TRUST is like a warm coat.

Goethe was quoted as saying, "Trust in Yourself and You Will Know

How To Live.

When one starts to trust themselves, when we begin to believe in our

abilities and intuition is when we really come to know ourselves.

Learning to trust ourselves, no matter if it comes as a flash of clarity,

or after introspection and discovery deep in our core.

Learning to trust ourselves is one of the greatest forms of

life's "personal" liberation.

If today you are confronted by self doubt, or fear..

just work on letting it go.

Just like that - let it all go!

Pretend, that you are someone that has done

this all the time.

You need to take - the Fake it to you make it

approach and attitude!

Each time you do it will get easier.

Like a new winter's coat... you may find it has a nice warm fit.

Make it a trusting kind of día!

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