Wake up and feel grateful.

The most precious life giving thing one can give another

is to be grateful.

I ground myself by remembering all the tough times.

I look back and try and find all that was good in those hard times.

If it weren't for those hard times I don't know just how much I would

appreciate the good ones.

Joyful moments.. plenty to recall.

I remember fondly how my son's tiny hand wrapped around my pinkie.

I still treasure the memory of the beuatiful little eyes looking

up at me fro his crib.

My Viejita had made him a pair of Raggidy Ann,

and Raggidy Andy dolls.

Although we probably didn't call them that.

I remember how beautiful his Mother looked.

I remember the Mariachis playing at the church wedding,

and later at the reception.

But I am getting off the subject.

They know too well that "they" have been a part of this

incredible journey.

I am grateful for my family, loved ones, and the many friends

I have met along the way.

Most of all I am thankful for the opportunties to continue to serve others.

I am also grateful for them.

Make it a gratefull día!

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