50.1 Million.

Who are Mexican immigrants?

They, make up a diverse group of human beings.

They, like you, are essential to our country and this planet.

They aren’t just located in California or Arizon, we, (Yes, I am one of them too) 

are located across the USA.

Did you know that there are now 50.1 million of us living in the US?

That is 16% of this country’s population and by 2050,

that number will jump to almost 33%.

A third of the US population.

22% of Americans aged 34 and younger are immigrants.

Yet 60% of that total aren’t immigrants at all.

Many of us were born here.

Elected officials take note - we are the fastest-growing segment

of the electorate.

We also have a combined purchasing power that will soon top $1.5 trillion..


Some of us speak only English, the rest only Spanish,

but many speak both to varying degrees.

Immigration is a complex issue that needs to be intelligently addressed

on a national level.

We, like you, are a diverse group of human beings.

We, like you, are essential to this country.

Make it a "Thank an immigrant dia, a Mexican immgrant dia!"

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